Email Promotions

Opt-in email marketing works with any business model, you can make money following some key rules.  When you have someone’s email address, they are practically inviting you to come sell them something.  They want to hear from you, hear the updated news; they want to receive your information.  This means lifetime valuable relationships with customers who are interested in what you have to say.  You can see the results of the email you have just sent out within hours, which means no wasted advertising dollars, you know what works and what doesn’t, simple as that.  Opt-in email marketing is not only effective and instantaneous, but free.

You can utilize opt-in email marketing if you already have an online business, or an offline business, or no business at all.  For offline business, collect email addresses from your clients and send them an occasional email with a discount and watch the appointment book get filled up quickly.  Drive qualified buyers to your web site by sending your customers a free report or newsletter subscription which entices them to buy the full version.  So, what if you do not have a business at all.  Everyone has an interest that they are passionate about, whether it is yoga, or fishing.  Start writing information packed newsletter about your favorite topic and recommend other people’s products or services for a commission on any sales you send them.  Post your free newsletter offer on online newsgroups, or other newsletters.  You will get a lot of subscribers because it is free.

Best of all, there are thousands of companies willing to pay you to sell their products on your newsletter.  Here are a few websites to check out to find those companies:



You will earn commissions every time one of your newsletter subscribers buys a product from the company.

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